Naomi Fay is an author, teacher, divine channel, intuitive energy practitioner and ordained Interfaith Minister.  

As a progressive educator and spiritual leader, she has created programs and courses, hosted an online Internet radio show, and authored Sacred Codes in Times of Crisis - A Channeled Text for Living the Gift of Co-Creation & Blessing of the Day - Wisdom for your Journey. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, and founder of a non-profit spiritual organization called the Interfaith Sanctuary, Naomi has performed various ceremonies for people since 2005.  

Naomi has over 20 years of experience and training in the spiritual development field and has taken part in various healing modality trainings and programs which include The New Seminary,  Doctor of Ministry and Ministerial programs, Violet Alchemy Healing by Amazjhi Anjelique Kumara; and the Universal Rays Healing, Masters Way, Open to Channel course, and is an honorary member of the Mentors of Love & Wisdom, an international non-profit organization with Ineasa Mabu’Ishtar Naomi facilitates circles called Sound Codes which incorporate sound healing and meditation.   

Her greatest gift and inspiration is being a mother of three grown children.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Naomi has relocated to Seattle, Washington where she continues to refine her mission and purpose of living an authentic life.  

Naomi Fay

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