To a journey of personal growth and self healing. I am here to inspire you to live your gift and share it with humanity. Get ready to be activated, empowered and enlightened to your highest potential. My mission is to guide and support humanity by raising awareness through conscious co-creation. Together we believe we can build new structures and templates for a new world. Come and be part of our ever growing community of conscious co-creators unifying for a better world.

Change your Life ~ Change the World

Filled with nuggets of inspiration, tools of self-empowerment and growth, this book gifts the reader an energy transmission of love and wisdom.

In this book you will:
1.  Activate self-empowerment
2.  Live your soul mission and purpose
3.  Release limitations by healing of your wounds
4.  Reprogram old habits and beliefs Expand your life perspective
5.  Revitalize your senses
6.  Activate and ignite your intuition
7.  Live an authentic life.


Sacred Codes Community

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Wisdom for Your Journey

Through the many years of personal transformation and personal evolution, Naomi Fay has been guided to create a platform of meditations, teachings, and products to assist humanity into a higher state of consciousness. She has over a decade of experience in self development and transformation and is dedicated to inspire and uplift humanity to access the true human potential. Through the anchoring of her gifts, she has been inspired to co-create by sharing love and light through the consciousness of her higher selves and Councils of Light with whom she connects with. She is dedicated to unlocking the codes within humanity to live their highest and greatest potential in order for the world to be upgraded into a better version and sustained for the future generations.

Naomi Fay

Author, teacher, divine channel, intuitive energy practitioner and Ordained Interfaith Minister.



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