What is Love? by Rev. Naomi Fay

As I was writing a ceremony for a couple, I asked myself, “What is Love?” This is what came through… I use this poem for a lot of my ceremonies.

What is love?

Love is the holding of another

When one needs the holding.

What is love?

Love is embracing all without

Judging whether or not it is deserving

Love just is

As you are

For you both are love

Manifesting in human form

You have come together

To experience more of yourself

Through love

And with this bond

You will experience the enfoldment of

Your true nature

When one is weak

Be strong

When one is tired

Be helpful

When one is sad

Be hopeful

For all these things will require the balance

The balance will happen in the dance

And as you sway, shake and move

You will come in and out of balance

Love is this balance

That holds all truth in the palm of your hand

In order to see beyond the mystery

And encounter the eternal embrace.

That is love and this is your journey

To be the anchor for each others dreams

Together you can fulfill your

Most unlimited potential

Because you both know that you are there for each other with an open, willing heart.

Posted on March 23, 2019 .

Lord Buddha - Joy!

Every night before I sleep, I reflect and say a prayer with the intention to bring in a wisdom that I need to hold.  This night I felt a stirring in my heart and I took the pen to paper.  I felt this Presence, this Essence and asked who was with me, who wants to bring a message.  It was Lord Buddha.  I asked what is the theme, I heard in my inner voice - Joy, laughter.

I am a reed, or rather an empty straw as I describe to young people in how to connect with the Divine.  As this empty straw, I allow love, guidance, bliss, inspiration to flow through me in order to hold the wisdom of the ages.  Off I went into the connection of the Divine accessing my imagination - the Lord Buddha.  Call it my imagination, a channeled message or something else.  No matter, it was Divinely inspired, and here is the message....  If it resonates, hold it in your heart of hearts and spread it onto everything you touch, you feel, you experience.

A Message from Lord Buddha:

It is with much delight to address the seekers of humanity.  If you are a seeker you have many questions.  Many questions lead to more questions and questions lead eventually to a discovery. The discovery is what brings joy to a heart that has been waiting for the answers, but then after the answers you get more questions.  A continuous cycle of questions and answers.

So it seems a bit boring to live a life soley on asking questions and getting answers.  What is between the questions and the answers?  It is the space of joy which is in between the lines of sentences, in between spoken words of the voice that is unspoken but felt.

This space of joy is available all the time.  We tend to skip over the joy in the race between questions and answers - again a boring fate.

So, to have more joy, go in between the spaces of Everything and riggle your way through like a worm - never to miss a space because you are sensing and feeling in between the spaces of time.  The spaces in between time is the bliss that enlightenment promises.

How many are patient enough to seek in between the spaces, the crevices, the hidden caverns of your heart? Go into the hidden cavern and release the bats! and be reborn into JOY!  Be reborn into life, love and laughter!

How often do you laugh?  Study your day and seek joy.  Where are the joy moments in your day?  We have far too little of these joy moments, far too little laughter.  Start to laugh and you will lighten up to be the person that is filled with joy, the highest vibration of love.

Love in joy.  Joy in love.  Together and in between.

Choose laughter and see what unfolds as you witness a new life you have wanted to witness.

Dress in joy.

Jump in joy.

Sleep in joy.

Dance in joy.

Speak in joy.

Cry in joy.

Bow in joy.

Play in joy.

Rest in joy.

Surrender now your struggles and bring yourself to play.  Imagine, play, discover, wonder, and feel Joy.

Much better then questions and answers.

Posted on May 15, 2014 .

The Wish by Rev. Naomi Fay

What is a wish?  

A wish is opening your heart to something greater and relaxing the mind instead of figuring out whether or not it will come true.  

For the wish i already true, but we have gotten lost and we have forgotten.

What do you tell a child who is an old soul, who has felt the pains of this 3D world?

How do we say that wishes do come true when he has already felt loss, pain and sorrow?   For not wishing protects him from the loss and he rather not wish to feel the loss.  The pain is too great.  

So how do I help?  How does a mother help her child and I call on Mother Mary for assistance.  What would she say to her Beloved Child?  How would she comfort him?

Oh Child of Wonder and Grace you too are the child for this question.  It is your question.  Is is not?  That is why you feel his pain.  For you resonate with this.  And how will you open your heart again to love and be fulfilled.  It takes much courage to reach beyond the limits of the mind and to feel it within the heart.  For the heart longs for this healing.  And the heart wants to know why.  When why is never the question that will receive the true answer.  For the answer lies within the mystery to fulfill one's own destiny and soul's purpose along this path.  And each soul will find the blessings and challenges.  Do they not?  For nothing is ever fair when one creates with misaligned energy.  For it is never fair to forget what you are, but do nonetheless.  But we will continue to love you no matter what belief you choose.  For we know there is no reason to blame and there is no reason to shame.  For we are here unconditionally to love you no matter what.  So my wish for you is to find peace in your heart.  For I know my wish will come true.


Feel Your Wonder

Feel the wonder that you are.

Dance the wonder that you are. 

Sing the song that you are.

You are the Greatness of Light.

Feel your wonder.

Dance your wonder.

Sing your wonder.

What is it that you feel?

It is all around you.




It is all around you.

Take your hands and see your creations.

Notice your breath.

Where does it go?

Taste the sweetness of life.




Posted on December 26, 2013 .

Here I Sit

Here I sit

Here I ponder

and reflect

what it it

I truly want.


Here I sit

Here I wonder

and ask

What have I created?


Do I like what I see?

What choices 

did I make

to get me to this place?


Here I sit

As wide asunder

in polar opposites

of ego 

and Higher Self.


Who is this person that

I have created?

What is the illusion that I believed?


How can I make

me whole again

to bring all the pieces 

back together again?


Humpty Dumpty

sat on the wall

Humpty Dumpty

had a great fall

All the King's horses

and all the KIng's men

couldn't put Humpty 

together again....


Posted on December 20, 2013 .

Slow Down

Slow down

the words

slow down

the thoughts

slow down 

the thoughts to the words

to the thoughts to the words...


Slow down

to the touch

the phrase

the cliche...

slow down.


Slow down 

the mind

slow down 

to listen to the silence

behind the words

the ever presence

behind the words

and the persona of the words.


In the silence

behind the words

lies the deep truth.

But to find this

you slow down...


Slow down

into the mystery

and sit with it for awhile.

You will get up soon enough.

Don't rush

the mystery

For herein dwells the keeper of the key -

the key to your liberation

the key to your soul.


No longer 

do you allow time 

to trap you.

Time is always there.

How you perceive it

is a whole other thing.


My body 

is getting tired.

My hand and heart

want to rest...

to bring in more light

and to manifest...


Slow down.

Posted on December 20, 2013 .

Inward Journey

There is nothing outside of yourself

that you cannot find within.

There is no answer that you seek

that you cannot find within.

There is no person

who can tell you

what you should or should not do

it is only found within.

Posted on December 5, 2013 .