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Hello, I’m Reverend Naomi Fay.  I was Ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2007 by The New Seminary, (TNS) in NYC, the first Interfaith Seminary founded in 1979 to address the intolerance between religions and other spiritual traditions.   I felt compelled to go into seminary not to become a minister, but for my own spiritual evolvement.  My training in conflict resolution and peace education allowed me to merge my spirituality with my educational background.  It felt like a logical fit, but mostly, I listened to my heart’s call.  Now 9 years later, I have integrated my spiritual life with my everyday life and the journey does continue as I expand more.  Being an Interfaith Minister is a beautiful expression to live my life’s call.  

In 2005 I started doing Interfaith Worship services for my local community.  I realized how fulfilling it was to celebrate people at the same time to be of higher service.  Once I was ordained, in 2007 I did my first wedding ceremony.   This experienced allowed me to fully channel love through my being. I was really hooked and found my passion to honor sacred  relationships.  When I did my first funeral, I was humbled by the sacredness of all of life and how we can celebrate it through honor and love.  When I did my first baby blessing, I was joyful at the idea of instilling something greater for our young and song was inspired to come through my voice.  

I began to see all of life as a ceremony and I especially became more and more curious to dig deeper into how ceremony can be a powerful and transformative experience.  Soon I was doing a wedding every weekend during wedding season and the flow to honor this sacred relationship began.   I brought forth a deeper meaning for couples regarding their relationship as I dove in deeper into my own relationship with the Divine. Out of this experience with many couples and my own evolvement, I was called to teach an 11month course called Marrying Christ ~ Awakening to your Divinity.  The intention of the course was to explore and come into alignment with marrying all aspects of you, the male and female energies and all that you are.   I have done hundreds of weddings, each time getting re-inspired by the love people share and learning much more.   I found that my guidance not only helped the couple envision this sacred day, but it also set up an intention for the rest of their journey together.

I am a creative, expressive soul whose mission is to bring forth the highest vibrations of love and light through my many creations.  I am an author, speaker, radio show host, teacher and Divine channel bringing forth wisdom for your journey.  As a facilitator for healing, I channel frequencies and vibrations of sound and energy to help people heal and transform old issues of limitation and unresolved karma.  My mission is to ground the highest frequencies of light on earth and for all of humanity through my varied creations.

'Blessing of the Day - Wisdom for Your Journey' is your tool to discovering your eternal light. Written by Rev. Naomi Fay with photos by Eileen MacAvery Kane, each passage and image were carefully created to inspire you to ponder the inkling of your soul and explore each blessing as it unfolds. Buy it here.

Radio Show

Show’s Intention: To raise the vibration of the planet and humanity by bringing forth energy and consciousness to facilitate energy activation, transformation and re-calibrations and attunements to your energy system in order to expand, grow, and evolve.  It is to celebrate the oneness that we are through laughter, joy, tools, awareness and sound. Pause with Naomi Fay and allow yourself to listen to the song of your heart by experiencing and celebrating the wonder of life. Only at