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Universal Rays Healing

The Universal Rays are light waves of plasma energy that flow through the Universe from the Creator and govern all of creation.  These Universal Rays each move at a rate faster than the speed of light and are filled with the pure consciousness of Soure.  Each ray is the will of the Divine meeting the free will of men and women to activate the creation of the the Divine Plan on the Earth and the evolution of the heart of humanity.  The 12 Universal Rays are the most potent energy that is available to humanity on the planet at this time.

A Universal Ray Healing Session begins with a Soul Path Reading.  The Universal Rays hold the energy and consciousness of the creation potential of your soul. Through the heart gateway, Naomi Fay will connect with you and help you find what pulses your soul. Learn how to balance and resolve limiting energies in order to come into the mastery of your soul.

During a Universal Rays Healing Session, the 12 Ascended Masters who over soul The Universal Rays of Creation, are directly channeled through Naomi Fay to assist humanity to heal its ancient wounds and step into self-mastery on the Earth.  The consciousness of the  Universal Rays works on whatever it is that you hold in resistance to manifesting your mastery on the Earth – the energy of limitation, separation and duality.  These rays offer the consciousness and vibrational energy of Source.

This work has been given directly to In’Easa mabu Ishtar, international spiritual teacher through her work with the Ascended Masters.  Ishtar shares this teaching with those that are also called to work directly with the Ascended Masters and this creation energy.This consciousness is sent out from Creator Source to touch all manifested form in this universe and to align it to the divine consciousness of the One Heart of Source.

Humanity evolves upon these rays, and throughout the different eras of evolution of the heart, it is aligned to the consciousness of this frequency to learn and grow from this consciousness of creation.  We are here to learn about creation.  These rays teaches you about conscious creation through the heart of Source, for it holds the information and this vibration.   This consciousness does not follow your Free Will.  It is aligned only to the will of the Divine.   The vibrational consciousness of the rays cannot be bent, transformed or transmuted by your will.  It is not your Free Will that will be able to control the consciousness  of Source.


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