As Seen on The Knot

Sound Code Healing Sessions $150 for initial session, $100 for follow up sessions.

Experience Sound Codes with Naomi Fay as she re-tunes your body/body/spirit. Allow the harmonic vibrations of Naomi's voice, crystal bowls and other musical instruments to release any emotional blocks and/or resistances. Come into joy as you harmonize with your Soul's essence.

What is your soul's mission and purpose? What are you to co create with others? Get more insight on these questions and more with Naomi Fay as she shines the light on your Soul Code’s signature.

Do you wish to connect with your soul's mission and purpose? The session will include your Soul Code Reading which will help bring alignment with your divine self, helping you to choose as a co-creator being. 

This session will help bring light on your soul’s mission and purpose. Allow the support of this reading to enlighten the truth of what you are here to create in this life experience.