As Seen on The Knot

House Blessings

In this blessing we get to infuse your home with the intention of peace, harmony, love and prosperity for you and your family.  I can bless the home as well as your property by clearing old discordant energies and then bringing in higher frequencies of light and love.  

Business Blessings

In this blessing we get to incorporate the highest integrity of your intention.  I can co-create with you a ceremony that will infuse your business with your greatest vision and mission that will fit your highest ideals of true abundance in all ways. 


Funerals are a time of reflection, honor, celebration and remembrance of each unique life.  My ability to hold sacred space during a time of grief and sadness is my service.  I am here to remind us all that there is no separation in love whether in the body or in the spirit realms.  Let this time be a time to remember the love that we share and the love that we hold dear.  It is through our hearts that we get to feel the comfort of our souls.  

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage ceremonies allow us to celebrate milestones, achievements and special events in our lives.  We as a culture have been more and more disconnected from ritual and ceremony that mark special thresholds in our lives.  We can create a ceremony that will mark an ending and get ready for a new beginning and infuse it with the highest vibrations of love.

Earth Blessings & Healings

This ceremony is to express gratitude for our partnership with the land that we share as well as healing to allow the revitalization of new growth and life.  We are all one in the connection of all things.  When we honor this in ceremony, we bring a consciousness and awareness that raises us to another level of unity and oneness.  

Sacred Circles

It is the perfect, most spectacular time on the planet to sit in sacred circle together, in loving ritual & declaration, for peace. Since we are living in the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, every act of love and peace we perform, now, is magnified many thousands of times. Come into Sacred Circle as Naomi Fay channels the frequencies and vibrations to attune, activate and transform your energies to facilitate your healing. Learn how to prepare your physcial body to open and recieve your Divine Guidance. Lift your energy and vibration by being bathed in the sound frequencies as Naomi Fay brings forth of the Universal Rays, the Ascended Masters the Guides, Guardians and Councils of Light and Love.

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