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Upgrade Your Physical Body

Experience a powerful energy activation as you connect with the elements of the Earth to transform and dissolve any blockages that keep you stuck, tensed, stressed or tired.

Upgrade Physical Body Sacred Code

Upgrade Physical Body Sacred Code

Fascia Crystalline Grid Body Upgrade

channeled through Naomi Fay & Nathalie Moutia -

Lov’Mama Consciousness

Gently breathe into the body

As you inhale and exhale

Find the harmony

Of the breath and the body

Focus on this rhythm

As you connect more deeply

Into the body

Allowing this peace and stillness

To embrace you

As you feel the connection

To the breath

And to the body

Breathing deeply

Allowing the sun

To connect with you

As these rays of light

Come into your body

As you allow these rays of light

To penetrate your cells

To come into your muscles

Your blood

Your bones

And as this integration

Continues to happen

You allow this energy

To come through you

To come through your body

Your pillar

Connecting to the heart of Gaia

Merging and weaving

Connecting to her heart

And allowing this energy to spiral up

Through the earth and into your body

Connecting now

To the moon

As these streams of light

Are all connected in the spiral

Of time and no time

Moving swirling and twirling

Allowing this to gently flow through you

Breathing deeply  

Place your consciousness on your skin

The skin that surrounds your physical body

And just underneath this skin

Focus on the crystalline grid

That interconnects your entire being

Throughout all time, space and dimension

Limitless in form

Limitless in time

This that you start calling fascia

This crystalline grid that enables

More of your light to come within the body

Within this experience on this planet

And this grid is linked

Directly to the grid of Mother Gaia

This wonderful being

And as we are of the One

Our matter is formed in the same way

Allow yourself

To be conscious of this crystalline grid

And allow the wind

To come through it



Liberating any density

Doing so from the feet up for the whole body

Until the tip of your head

From the front, behind

The left the right

Above, below

Allow the wind to blow through

Your crystalline grid

Freeing as the wind blows the leaves away

The wind is now blowing

All that is not of use of you anymore

So let the wind blow and blow and blow

Feel that this crystalline grid

Starts to activate

Stay focused on this grid system

Letting the wind finding its way

Through this crystalline structure

And while you do so

You feel that your skin is starting to change

And all your structure

All your mass

All your tissues,

The blood

All your systems, organs, skeleton

Bringing in more space

Less contractions

Less stagnation

More space

Everything is connected

Everything is the flow

Find all your light codes

And come and enjoy the show

See the sparkles of light Dear One

Expand your vision through

Feel the sparkles of light Dear One

Feel the expansion too

All your worries now

Begin to move through you

Releasing the stops and pox through you

Allow the river to move through you

As the sparkles of light is you

Expand, expand into this new

Gently, gently

Open expand with me

Feel the freedom of this opening to thee

Your crystal grid

Becomes flexible, Dear One

Your crystal grid

Is able to move

Through and through

The motion

Of this new

How the feathers

Do gently caress you

As the sensations

Gently move through

Breathe now a story

That continues to move

A never-ending story

That allows the magic to be you

This magical stream now

Passes through you

Allow the crystalline stream now

To flow through you

Moving through

Activating the sparkle of you

Into the jewel

That always transforms into more of you

The greatest part of you

To embody

To expand more

Into the star of you

Into the crystal of you 

This gentle power

Of your crystalline nature

Is coming into your awareness

As this love does move through you

For there is much more of you

To be discovered, Dear Ones

Allow the expansion

And enfoldment

To be one of love

We love you dearly

And we honor you

And we bless you

Into the Heart of One


Namaste, Dear Ones. Namaste

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Photos by Eileen MacAvery Kane


Blessing of the Day Visual Meditation  was created to accompany my guided meditation book Blessing of the Day - Wisdom for your Journey.  To start this visual meditation take a deep breath, let out a sigh and feel the weight of your body.  Feel your clothes on your skin.  Bring your awareness back to your breath and then hit play.  Open to receive the grace by allowing the music and the visuals to embrace you.  Allow you mind to soften and open and receive.