Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interfaith ceremony?

If you are not part of any one church or denomination, but you want a sacred ceremony that reflects the love you hold as a couple, family or for you as an individual, an Interfaith wedding ceremony may be the answer.  Interfaith is not a religion, rather a spiritual philosophy that honors and values all faith paths and traditions with the belief that there are many pathways to the Divine.  Love can be described in many different forms and traditions.  An interfaith ceremony can reflect this very essence.

Interfaith ceremonies honor every person of every denomination, and ministers a symbolic message rather than in any one traditional language.  Rev. Naomi Fay’s training in conflict resolution, multi-cultural and peace education allows her to link the Divine truths in universal language where all can related and connected.

The beauty of interfaith wedding, baby blessing, funeral or sacred ceremony is that you get to create what you want.  You can incorporate different beliefs at the same time unify them as one.  Just as two people are different, the commonality of love is the unifying principle that brings you together. You can also symbolize specific things and people by using ritual. If there is something you would like to mention or incorporate, but you don’t know quite how, I can help by creating a ritual just for you.


How do I know if you are the right minister for us?

Rev. Naomi Fay’s  passion is to create sacred ceremony for conscious individuals including twin flames, divine complements and soul mates who are seeking truth and sacredness.   With the intention to incorporate sacred sites and sacred dates to harness the energies of the union, Rev. Naomi fuels in a celebratorty joy to honor the energies within the sacred relationship. With this deepness and intention, Rev. Naomi Fay’s ceremonies have been described as “Simple, Pure, and Personal.”

The ceremonial style is spiritual, sacred and personal.  Choosing a minsiter that fits your needs and reflects what you want to create is important.  To make sure it is a right fit, Rev. Naomi Fay is happy to meet in person.  Her love for writing and performing ceremonies will allow her to write your love story  by including  personalized poems, vows, readings  and prayers that are individualized and specific just for you.


What is the template of your ceremonies? How much creative freedom does a couple have with you?

Rev. Naomi Fay interviews, and works with a template and questionnaire to personalize and customize your ceremony.  The interview and questionnaire serves as a way to get to know you better as well as help you infuse intention into your ceremony.  Sacred ceremony is an opportunity to create a vision and manifest your journey forward. What do you imagine your life together to be like? What do you hold dear? This, is in a way, acts as your mission or vision statement  to always go back on when making choices in your life.

Creating ceremony is a joyful experience.  It reminds you why you wanted it in the first place.  Sometimes when planning events people can lose sight of the big picture and get stressed out easily.  I am here to be the calm within the chaos.  I am also here to help revitalize and re affirm why  you wanted to gather people together in the first place and celebrate.


How long are your ceremonies?

Depending on what you want to incorporate my ceremonies can range from 15 to 30 minutes.  When involving participants and guests, I have asked many couples what they dislike most about ceremonies.  Their answer is always that the ceremony was too long.  In this case I find less is more.  In order to keep everyone centered in the intention of the ceremony, I find infusing the simplest and most purest elements makes it much more profound and powerful.  Love is not grandiose.  It the most simplest intention, a ceremony can be magnificent, powerful and pure.


How do I secure the date?

A non-refundable deposit secures the date of the ceremony.  Once the deposit is received, you will receive an agreement with all the logistics.


Is an Interfaith wedding legal?

Yes.  I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, that was ordained by a two-year seminary at the New Seminary in New York City.


How many weddings have you performed?

I have performed hundreds of weddings since 2007.  I am very grateful to to have been booked May through November in consecutive wedding season years.  I feel blessed and honored to service all the couples and continue to be in their lives when they call me for a baby blessing or funeral/memorial service, spiritual counseling or energy healing  session.  I am humbly honored when I have been referred by my couples and families.  It affirms to me that my community of beautiful people who I touch and hold space is evolving and growing.

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