Universal Rays Healing


Universal Rays Healing is a powerful transformational healing process that is offered through direct contact with the Ascended Masters of Light.  This is a healing process that assists you to shift your consciousness and release old karmic energy that limits or blocks you on some level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

For the first time on the Earth, the 12 Ascended Masters,who oversoul The Universal Rays of Creation, work with you and support you to heal ancient wounds and step into your self-mastery on the Earth.

The UR Healing program was designed by the Council of the 12 Ascended Masters who oversoul the Universal Rays from the heart of God consciousness and channelled to Ishtar over the several years. today there are more than 80 people around the world offering this powerful healing therapy.

The first session of UR Healing also offers a Soul Reading where you are guided to discover what rays you are born on and what your soul mission is in life as well as what energy drives you to make the decisions that you choose to make.


  • Helps you to see your mission in life
  • Aligns you to your original blueprints
  • Brings balance and harmony to your being
  • Opens and activates you chakras
  • Balances your meridians and energy pathways
  • Diagnoses imbalances and karmic energy that needs to be resolved
  • Releases old karma and attachments
  • Offers guidance for your life

The energy of the Universal Rays is a divine guide to your highest potential on the Earth.

When you are in resistance to this consciousness, you create chaos and imbalance in your life on many levels, which in turn may cause dis-ease and an inability to focus and align to your highest potential.

When you are in attunement and alignment with this consciousness, miracles can and do occur in your life as you begin to accept your self mastery on the Earth.

Working with the Ascended Masters and the creation consciousness of the Universal Rays allows you to step back into alignment to your true nature and to follow the path that your soul chose to walk in this lifetime.

The Universal Ray consciousness allows you to resolve the old limitations of separation and resistance that you create and assists you to move into a place of harmony and love.

This powerful healing therapy also affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical body and your energy bodies to assist all energy that you hold within you to come into alignment with its true mission on the Earth without distortion or illusion.

When you are in alignment with your original creation energy then you are able to step fully into your Mastery on the Earth without the limitation of physical dis-ease, mental illusions, emotional resistance, or unresolved karma.

The powerful vibration of the Universal Rays is channelled from the Council of 12 Masters through your channel pillar and is then transmitted where it is guided to shift and expand consciousness.

First session duration: 2 hours 

Subsquent sessions: 1 hour

Cost : $150

Payment: All major credit cards, Paypal, cash and check.

Appointments: Visit the contact page to schedule an appointment or request more information.