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Slow Down

Slow down

the words

slow down

the thoughts

slow down 

the thoughts to the words

to the thoughts to the words...


Slow down

to the touch

the phrase

the cliche...

slow down.


Slow down 

the mind

slow down 

to listen to the silence

behind the words

the ever presence

behind the words

and the persona of the words.


In the silence

behind the words

lies the deep truth.

But to find this

you slow down...


Slow down

into the mystery

and sit with it for awhile.

You will get up soon enough.

Don't rush

the mystery

For herein dwells the keeper of the key -

the key to your liberation

the key to your soul.


No longer 

do you allow time 

to trap you.

Time is always there.

How you perceive it

is a whole other thing.


My body 

is getting tired.

My hand and heart

want to rest...

to bring in more light

and to manifest...


Slow down.

Posted on December 20, 2013 .