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The Wish by Rev. Naomi Fay

What is a wish?  

A wish is opening your heart to something greater and relaxing the mind instead of figuring out whether or not it will come true.  

For the wish i already true, but we have gotten lost and we have forgotten.

What do you tell a child who is an old soul, who has felt the pains of this 3D world?

How do we say that wishes do come true when he has already felt loss, pain and sorrow?   For not wishing protects him from the loss and he rather not wish to feel the loss.  The pain is too great.  

So how do I help?  How does a mother help her child and I call on Mother Mary for assistance.  What would she say to her Beloved Child?  How would she comfort him?

Oh Child of Wonder and Grace you too are the child for this question.  It is your question.  Is is not?  That is why you feel his pain.  For you resonate with this.  And how will you open your heart again to love and be fulfilled.  It takes much courage to reach beyond the limits of the mind and to feel it within the heart.  For the heart longs for this healing.  And the heart wants to know why.  When why is never the question that will receive the true answer.  For the answer lies within the mystery to fulfill one's own destiny and soul's purpose along this path.  And each soul will find the blessings and challenges.  Do they not?  For nothing is ever fair when one creates with misaligned energy.  For it is never fair to forget what you are, but do nonetheless.  But we will continue to love you no matter what belief you choose.  For we know there is no reason to blame and there is no reason to shame.  For we are here unconditionally to love you no matter what.  So my wish for you is to find peace in your heart.  For I know my wish will come true.