Lord Buddha - Joy!

Every night before I sleep, I reflect and say a prayer with the intention to bring in a wisdom that I need to hold.  This night I felt a stirring in my heart and I took the pen to paper.  I felt this Presence, this Essence and asked who was with me, who wants to bring a message.  It was Lord Buddha.  I asked what is the theme, I heard in my inner voice - Joy, laughter.

I am a reed, or rather an empty straw as I describe to young people in how to connect with the Divine.  As this empty straw, I allow love, guidance, bliss, inspiration to flow through me in order to hold the wisdom of the ages.  Off I went into the connection of the Divine accessing my imagination - the Lord Buddha.  Call it my imagination, a channeled message or something else.  No matter, it was Divinely inspired, and here is the message....  If it resonates, hold it in your heart of hearts and spread it onto everything you touch, you feel, you experience.

A Message from Lord Buddha:

It is with much delight to address the seekers of humanity.  If you are a seeker you have many questions.  Many questions lead to more questions and questions lead eventually to a discovery. The discovery is what brings joy to a heart that has been waiting for the answers, but then after the answers you get more questions.  A continuous cycle of questions and answers.

So it seems a bit boring to live a life soley on asking questions and getting answers.  What is between the questions and the answers?  It is the space of joy which is in between the lines of sentences, in between spoken words of the voice that is unspoken but felt.

This space of joy is available all the time.  We tend to skip over the joy in the race between questions and answers - again a boring fate.

So, to have more joy, go in between the spaces of Everything and riggle your way through like a worm - never to miss a space because you are sensing and feeling in between the spaces of time.  The spaces in between time is the bliss that enlightenment promises.

How many are patient enough to seek in between the spaces, the crevices, the hidden caverns of your heart? Go into the hidden cavern and release the bats! and be reborn into JOY!  Be reborn into life, love and laughter!

How often do you laugh?  Study your day and seek joy.  Where are the joy moments in your day?  We have far too little of these joy moments, far too little laughter.  Start to laugh and you will lighten up to be the person that is filled with joy, the highest vibration of love.

Love in joy.  Joy in love.  Together and in between.

Choose laughter and see what unfolds as you witness a new life you have wanted to witness.

Dress in joy.

Jump in joy.

Sleep in joy.

Dance in joy.

Speak in joy.

Cry in joy.

Bow in joy.

Play in joy.

Rest in joy.

Surrender now your struggles and bring yourself to play.  Imagine, play, discover, wonder, and feel Joy.

Much better then questions and answers.

Posted on May 15, 2014 .