Inward Journey

There is nothing outside of yourself

that you cannot find within.

There is no answer that you seek

that you cannot find within.

There is no person

who can tell you

what you should or should not do

it is only found within.

Stop looking outside yourself.

It is not there.

Seek only within

and behold the answers to all your prayers.

There is nothing outside yourself that is stronger.

The wonder that you are looking for is within you.

You only need to believe that it is so.

Act as it is so.

Choose as it is so.

The memory of who you really are is within you.

You only need to quiet yourself to find it.

Stop all the busy ness

and feel your body,

clear your mind

of the relentless thoughts

that bind you to your suffering.

Release everything that holds you back

from doing what you love.

Isn’t everyone equal?

Doesn’t everyone deserve happiness,

a home,


peace and


Why do we continue to separate ourselves?

Those who run companies

are they really better

than those who drive a bus?


Are they any better

than the clerk who smiles at you as he gives you change?


Why do we classify ourselves into believing who is worthy and who is not?

Aren’t we all worthy?

Take your power back

and believe that you are much more

It is true.

You are more.

You are more.

You are more.

Posted on December 5, 2013 .