Connecting to Mother Gaia’s Heart

Endings are only new beginnings

Step into the unknown and

Allow Spirit to take over

Allow you Higher Presence

To take over and

Soar beyond the veils

Of what you thought you had

What you can have and

What you thought

You did not deserve.


How to yield your power and

Create a life that you truly want…


There is no one to blame

The hurting is over

The understanding is clear.

I can’t go on with this frequency

It is time to leap!


How many signs do I need to help me to get over this hump?

How many experiences of uncertainty will I allow myself to be?


It is only up to me

To truly know

what I really want to experience…


It is up to me

To speak my Truth from

The Love of the Goddess

My Divine Truth.

Posted on December 20, 2013 .